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Dr. Seher Abbas Profile Picture

Benefit From First-Hands Experience

Dr. rer. nat Seher Abbas graduated from Germany with magna cum laude. She is the first generation immigrant in Germany coming from non-educational background. She completed her Bachelors and Masters from Pakistan. In 2017 she was awarded with prestigious DAAD scholarship from German government to the completion of her PhD in Neuroscience. Her PhD research investigated the biochemical reasoning for blindness in humans. Her research work is published in multiple peer-reviewed journals. In 2020 she transformed her career from academia to industry after serving a short postdoc at PIUS hospital Oldenburg. Currently, she is associated to Pharma industries as a Project Lead with her specialty in project management.

She volunteered from 2017 to 2021 in helping and guiding students in their job search and scholarship search via multiple platforms. During this time she trained and interviewed 140+ students. She corrected 250+ CVs along the years. She spoke at international platforms in Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Pakistan, and Portugal. She taught students from Africa, Asia, India, Canada and across Europe.

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